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The official version of Van Gogh's death describes his last hours as a suicide in his madness. However, the new evidence suggests that Van Gogh was killed and there are different theories that lead us to believe that there may have been a conspiracy to assassinate him and his brother Theo who died six months later.

Van Gogh was shot in the chest with a Lefaucheux revolver. There were no witnesses and he died 30 hours later in his room. He was able to walk back to Auberge Ravoux, where he was cared for by two doctors, but without a surgeon present, the bullet could not be removed. The year of 2020, commemorates the 130th anniversary of the artist's death. Dig into an experience and adventure in search of one of the lost works of this famous painter.

You will become an art detective who will investigate the last days of Van Gogh's life and everything that happened that could lead to his death.


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The painting itself is a piece of art that you might have hanging on a wall of your home or office, but it is actually the stand that hides all the elements of the game. It serves as the basis of the adventure and will be your light when you go into the darkness of doubts. Not only that, you will also be able to look inside it with X-Ray vision, see the picture move, movement warning and even interact in ways that you can't even imagine... exciting, right?

Fictional adventure, based on real facts, during which you will be able to:

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Dimensions & MATERIALS

Product: Canvas. Floater Frame for Canvas. Canvas Size: 40x30 cm. Frame Thickness: 2 cm. Edge Design: Folded. Premium Frame: Black Matte



We are bringing to you The Enigma Experiences. An artwork turned into a new gaming experience in which creativity, technology and history are combined.

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