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Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors and visionaries of all time. Recently the FBI has declassified some of Tesla's secret files, but it seems that there are other files that are still missing or lost.

After Tesla's death in 1943, in his lonely room of "The New Yorker" hotel in New York. Mysterious FBI agents appeared and took all the material found in rooms 3327 and 3328. Two big trucks were filled with the found documentation and driven to an unknown destination, supposedly with a goal of keeping the secret of the so-called "ray of death", a powerful weapon that could launch deadly rays from miles away and could shoot down an aircraft from a distance of four hundred kilometers or farther. A weapon that could change the path of WWII and that the U.S. government could not afford to get into the hands of the enemy.

There is currently evidence that several of these documents are still missing, some pointing out that the FBI still stores the most valuable ones. Others, that someone got ahead of the FBI the day Tesla passed away, knowing that those documents could change the course of the history. Will you be able to find them?


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Delve into the odyssey that will lead you to discover a world of plots and mysteries, which are finally being revealed thanks to new data, and that could shock the world. All that thanks to the secret files that you will find in this exciting adventure. Have you ever wondered if you could find a gaming experience that would let you feel that thrill of being an adventurer? The novel's locations, explorations and research are based on real events with the aim of unveiling those points in the story that still remain in darkness.

Fictional adventure, based on real facts, during which you will be able to:



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We are bringing to you The Enigma Experiences. An artwork turned into a new gaming experience in which creativity, technology and history are combined.

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