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The Oracle spread various of its clues around the world, hid them in forbidden crypts, encrypted documents and mysterious paintings. It promised that once we found it and described its secrets, a message that would change our lives would be revealed.

Enjoy a fun, unique and original experience in which you would be able to customize the final message, surprising your friend, partner or family. An adventure inspired by beautiful and creative art pieces, that holds inside a series of elements that will take you to the grand final surprise. Do you dare to solve the mystery?

It can be played individually or with your friends. It also could be a fantastic family game!


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An oracle is a gateway to know the will of fate, and it will invite you to explore the world seen with the eyes of an explorer and adventurer. The experience contains several surprises that could turn your evening into a great entertainment or dynamize a birthday party.


Join us on the greatest adventure you've ever experienced and discover:



Dimensions & MATERIALS

Product: Framed Photo . Format: 40x30 cm. Decor Frame: Black Matte



We are bringing to you The Enigma Experiences. An artwork turned into a new gaming experience in which creativity, technology and history are combined.

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