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Welcome to The Enigma Experiences.

It is a unique experience and a new entertainment system, which goes hand in hand with an amazing object in a completely revolutionary game. Imagine for a moment the thrill of being able to investigate and solve great mysteries, while enjoying playing exciting games and solving riddles with your friends and/or family!

It is a new concept: a painting that contains an adventure; a game that you can play by overcoming various challenges and riddles. The painting itself is an artwork with motion effects and some content in augmented reality. You can hang it in your house, office or wherever you wish.

The game can be played alone or with other people, in one or more days depending on its complexity, your time and your gaming experience.

Experiences contain a story that is linear. Once you finish, you can play it again but the riddles and materials will be the same. You can pit your wits against yourself and try to outdo your previous performance.

Remember that you can also resell the game or pass it on to someone else to enjoy.

The final product is the painting, with the gaming content hidden at the back. It will be shipped in a conventional cardboard box, and in the case of Deluxe products, the packaging will have the image of a wooden box.

It is important to note that the shipping box is NOT wooden, it is made of cardboard. The box may be damaged during shipping so we will package it extra carefully in order to ensure that the final product, the painting, is well-protected. The box may also acquire stickers from customs authorities or shipping companies.

The shipping box is NOT a part of the game´s packaging. The game itself does not have a box. The painting contains all the content needed to play the game, hidden within the frame.


We have designed several fully operational prototypes and talked to different manufacturers about building the final product. We have agreed prices, qualities and production with several suppliers.

The prototypes are subject to minor modifications according to the needs of final production.

There are different options available for you to get hints and even have some of the challenges solved for you. To receive hints and messages while playing, you can use the Amazon Alexa assistant or a Chatbot on your PC or mobile phone.

You can also get hints from the private area if required, or a full solution.

It is all up to you and the type of experience you are seeking.

There is virtual and augmented reality content that is necessary to advance through the game. Accordingly, you do need at least a mobile/cell phone to be able to fully enjoy the adventure.

No, the glasses are optional and we recommend using them only for a few minutes at a time (no more than 2-3 minutes). You can view the same content from your mobile phone by moving into the same virtual environment.

Alexa is optional and you don't need it to play the game. However, if you happen to have an Alexa device, it may be fun to use it to request clues or make inquiries while playing.

You can also check for hints on our website or by chatbot on your mobile phone.


Currently, we cannot offer other types of images, canvases or frames as we need to optimize production. We have tried to create images in accordance with their history and frames that are stylish and fit well with most interiors.

Once you have the painting, you can adapt it to your liking. Note that some images have motion and augmented reality content that will disappear if you remove the image from the frame.

Remember, hanging up the painting is optional.

Yes, we have taken images by the authors and documentation from different periods of time to create a more original experience based on historical facts.

We have been careful about choosing our resources and information, and all of it is in the public domain. However, if you have any questions or doubts about this content, do not hesitate to contact us by email at



We are bringing to you The Enigma Experiences. An artwork turned into a new gaming experience in which creativity, technology and history are combined.

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