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We want to present you with a very exclusive pack in which we have designed a new version of the Mona Lisa painting, in which we intend to solve the following questions: How would Da Vinci have seen the Mona Lisa in its entirety from where he painted it? What was the whole landscape of the painting like?

In this panoramic picture, we create a unique work of art that also has the effect of x-rays, and we give life to the painting with movement (via augmented reality): the Gioconda blinks and moves her hand and the landscape is animated with smoking chimneys, birds flying over the area, etc.

This deluxe pack also includes the rest of the experiences and paintings: "The Heist," "Who Killed Van Gogh?" and "Tesla’s Secret Files." Inside the picture of the Mona Lisa, we include the materials of the game "The Oracle" (picture and canvas not included). Do you dare to try the greatest of experiences?


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The painting itself could be a piece of art that you might have hanging on a wall of your home or office, but it is actually the stand that hides all the elements of the game. It serves as the basis of the adventure and will be your light when you go into the darkness of doubts. Not only that, you will also be able to look inside it with X-Ray vision, see the picture move, movement warning and even interact in ways that you can't even imagine... exciting, right?


Dimensions & MATERIALS

Canvas Size: 100x50 cm. Frame Thickness. Premium Frame: Gold Matte.



We are bringing to you The Enigma Experiences. An artwork turned into a new gaming experience in which creativity, technology and history are combined.

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